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Semi Outdoor LED Sign / Screen :
Semi-Outdoor LED screen is also used to attract people who are walking or travelling outside the buildings.

Semi outdoor means LED screen can be fixed on any window glasses, so people can see from outside. This screen has more popularity. Its easy to install and it does not require any extra structure for installation.

We are making any customize size for our customer, according to their requirements. We are visiting their locations and providing proper knowledge for different options.

These LED screen has different pixel pitch, like P10, P16, P20, P25 and so on. (Pixel pitch means distance between 2 pixel, e.g. if it is p16 means distance between pixels are 16 mm)

It may be single colour, tri (Three) colours or full colours LED sign.

Single colour & tri colours outdoor led sign is normally used for showing some text messages and small animations.

Full colours LED indoor screen is most popular for advertising. It can generate more than 1 million colours, it looks like TV.  These screens able to transmit any full colour pictures as well as any video too. We design this screen at any size requirements for customers.

You can see more pictures and video on our website.
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